Installation of Display board at DEOC Kailali.

Three display boards have also been installed at DEOC with the financial, equipment and technical support from SAFER-Nepal Project a project of Mercy Corps Nepal. The boards show the water levels of Karnali at Chisapani, Mohana at Malakheti and rainfall level of Bhaktapur, Nigali.  The people of downstream communities of Phulbari, Pawera, Ratanpur, Lalbojhi, Dhansinghpur, Narayanpur, Tikapur, Durgauli, Sahajpur and Nigali will be benefited by the display boards.

Role of Policy and Institutions in Local Adaptation to Climate Change: Case studies on responses to too much and too little water in the Hindu Kush Himalayas

This publication is a result of ICIMOD's collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), and national partners in China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan since 2008 to document, assess, and over the long term - strengthen local strategies for adaptation to flood and drought in and downstream from mountain catchments.

Local voices, Global choices: For successful disaster risk reduction

This report contains a number of case studies from around the world. Together with the short film project ‘ Local voices, global choices’ they highlight what can be achieved when local voices are respected and different actors come together to form strategic partnerships to work collaboratively to reduce disaster risks.

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