Nepal Red Cross' VCA of 46 wards (in 5 municipalities) in the Kathmandu Valley

Nepal Red Cross Society: VCA of 46 wards (in 5 municipalities)  in the Kathmandu Valley

This VCA has been completed as part of the Nepal Red Cross project Earthquake Preparedness and Safety project in the 3 districts of the Kathmandu valley. In total the programme covers 22 VDCs and 44 wards (in municipalities).

KAP survey 2013 Kathmandu valley

This Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) survey was undertaken by “Earthquake Preparedness for Safer Communities” EPS Project implemented in Kathmandu Valley by British Red Cross and Nepal Red Cross Society.  The study covers 5 Municipalities and selected 9 VDCs / locations of the three districts of the valley.  

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