A Flagship 4 project tracking system working group has developed an online project tracking survey to track how CBDRR projects being implemented in Nepal are contributing to the disaster resiliency of communities and more broadly, nationally, including how projects are achieving Flagship 4’s 9 minimum characteristics.

Any implementing partner of a CBDRR project or project with a component of CBDRR is encouraged to complete the 15 minute online project survey. The survey will be launched via a workshop and clinics in the 3rd quarter of 2012. Printable versions  available in both Nepali and English, in the sub menu. 


An analysis of survey results, which will be available online, will provide information such as:

  • which of the 9 minimum characteristics are most frequently achieved
  • which communities / VDCs have
    • completed disaster management plans
    • been trained in first aid, light search and rescue or other services
    • a community-based early warning system

Flagship 4 will use the survey results to track national progress in CBDRR, promote good practices and seek to identify any significant gaps.