DP-Net facilitated National Workshop

The workshop was conducted on 25 November 2011, as a market place and consisted of 4 interactive sub-groups that discussed CBDRR in more detail. Participants brought along their own CBDRR materials to display during the day, and the Information Platform portal was also launched.

Objectives of workshop
·         To provide a platform where members can display and exchange their CBDRR information
·         To discuss, in detail, CBDRR with existing and new Flagship 4 members(including best practices and challenges in CBDRR in Nepal)
·         To launch and promote awareness of the Information Platform
·         To collect and upload member’s CBDRR documents and information to the Information Platform

Market Place
Members were asked to nominate 2 sessions to participate in.  Each groups was asked to agree on 2 best practices and 2 challenges in around the theme discuss and a summary of these outcomes was then presented in the closing ceremony.
The following 4 sub-groups were formed:
1.     Governance and institutional arrangements (facilitated by Oxfam)
2.     Risk identification and early warning (facilitated by Practical Action / Mercy Corp)
3.     Risk management and vulnerability reduction (facilitated by Nepal Red Cross Society)
4.     Disaster preparedness and response (facilitated by Save the Children)