The bi-monthly meetings will act as a coordination mechanism and information sharing platform between the Ministry of Federal Affairs & Local Development and organisations implementing community based disaster risk reduction / management activities in Nepal.


Based on Government priorities and discussions with multi stakeholder groups, the NRRC and Government identified five flagship areas of immediate intervention for disaster risk management in Nepal, coordinated by one of the partner organisations.  It is Flagship area 4 that the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development led in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies:

Flagship 4 is a coordination and advocacy mechanism that seeks to capitalise on the community based disaster risk reduction activities and experience which has already accumulated in Nepal to create a more consistent, systematic and harmonised approach to CBDRR. In this role of coordination Flagship 4 is responsible for coordinating activities, sharing information about on-going and planned projects, and ensuring appropriate consultation among relevant partners.  The Flagship aims to have CBDRR activities 1,000 VCDs / municipalities over a 5-year period.

To achieve this ambitious target, there is a need to establish a formal Government led coordination mechanism with implementing partners. It is proposed this takes shape in a bi-monthly coordination meeting.

On 29 November 2012 the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development called the first of these bi-monthly coordination meetings with implementing partners to discuss CBDRR in Nepal. 

Meetings minutes / outcomes (click on the dates)

29 November 2012

6 May 2013

19 June 2013