Efforts on mainstreaming DRM are currently being undertaken by different organizations focusing on different sectors and levels. While recent efforts to harmonize existing DRM-related planning processes at local levels are a positive step forward, on the whole, efforts at supporting mainstreaming have been disconnected from one organization, level or sector to the next. In an effort to proceed coherently in  May 2014; Flagship  4,  Flagship 5 and some key organizations engaged in local level DRM mainstreaming support came together to discuss how to record and analyse the work that has been conducted to date on mainstreaming DRM into district and sub district level planning. 

The following steps outline the workplans and feed into the outcomes of both Flagship 4 and Flagship 5 (and have been approved by their respective advisory committees). While, Flagship 4 will be focusing on gathering the lesson learnt from the district / local level and Flagship 5 will focus on the national and nodal ministries.

2014 milestones

  1. Gather learning and document evidence on work supporting mainstreaming at local level, presenting preliminary findings and conclusions at the AMCDRR.  This has been completed and is detailed in the links below.
  2. Capture learning and evidence from other organisations about their approaches to mainstreaming feed into 4th quarter workshop on lessons learnt on local level mainstreaming and provide recommendations from the different processes to a national level workshop.

2015 expected end result

A common approach to mainstreaming is established with agreed evidence-based priority interventions for the next 5 years, feeding into the proposed DRM SWAP, with full ownership of key government ministries including National Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Federal and Local Development as well as critical line ministries, and with the commitment of key donors, UN, international and civil society organizations.  

6th AMCDRR presentation on Mainstreaming side event

Draft-Initital analysis on local level DRM mainstreaming