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Attendance list
Flagship 4
Agenda of the symposium
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Flagship 4
List of DRM related Government acts and guidelines
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May 2014
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April 2014
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Common messages for DRR in Nepal
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NRRC Communication Group
Draft - Nepali version of common messages for DRR in Nepal
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NRRC Communication Group
Initial consolidation of plans (3 into 1)
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Flagship 4
Analysis of existing assessment tools
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Flagship 4
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Flagship 4
Way forward
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Flagship 4
Action plan
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Flagship 4
Meeting attendance- 22 January 2014
Flagship 4
Summary of analysis - 20 January 2014
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Flagship 4
Outcome - 16 December 2013 meeting
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Flagship 4
Urban CBDRR May 13 discussion notes
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Flagship 4
Presentation on DRM harmonization process
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Flagship 4
Draft DRM harmonization guidelines
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Flagship 4
ToR Technical working group
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Flagship 4
Outcome indicators
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Flagship 4
Output indicators
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Flagship 4
Flagship 4: Changing context of CBDRM in Nepal
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Flagship 4
Flagship 4: Integrated Community Based Disaster Risk Management
Flagship 4, NRRC
Managing Risk Through Economic Development - MRED
Mercy Corps
WHO consortium linking health and disaster management in the urban
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WHO consortium
Accountability efficiency and transparency
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Urban risk management and preparedness for response: Lessons from the Kathmandu Valley
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Nepal Red Cross
Achieving meaningful engagement of vulnerable communities in urban context
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Practical Action, Action Aid
Pokhara Municipality National Building Code Implementation
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Pokhara sub- metropolitan city
Regional Urban DRR study by Plan, IIED and ECO Nepal
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