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Coordinated Response: Comprehensive Early Warning System
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Early Warning System Presentation
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Mainstreaming presentation on 6th AMCDRR
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Flagship 4
Mainstreaming advocacy strategy
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Flagship 4
Open Cities Kathmandu: Safer Schools through Community Mapping
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Flagship 1
Evaluation of Earthquake Disaster Risk for Safer School Buildings Construction in Nepal
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Department of Education
DOE progress of retrofitting
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Department of Education
DM Plan gap analysis
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Flagship 4
Initial consolidation of plans (3 into 1)
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Flagship 4
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Flagship 4
Summary of analysis - 20 January 2014
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Outcome - 16 December 2013 meeting
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Presentation on DRM harmonization process
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Flagship 4
WHO consortium linking health and disaster management in the urban
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WHO consortium
Accountability efficiency and transparency
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Urban risk management and preparedness for response: Lessons from the Kathmandu Valley
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Nepal Red Cross
Achieving meaningful engagement of vulnerable communities in urban context
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Practical Action, Action Aid
Pokhara Municipality National Building Code Implementation
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Pokhara sub- metropolitan city
Regional Urban DRR study by Plan, IIED and ECO Nepal
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Analysis of urban CBDRM: Kathmandu versus other communities
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NSET initiative in CBDRR
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IFRC Nepal shelter case study
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Urban Resilience research, Durham University
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Durham University
Nepals urban risk and vulnerabilities
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Flagship 4
Civil firefighting corps
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Complexities of implementing urban DRR in Kathmandu - Oxfam and Nepal Red Cross Society
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Oxfam & Nepal Red Cross Society
Open Street Mapping
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Open Street Mapping WB project
Testing Early warning systems from community to the national level
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Practical Action