In the last 12 months the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development have finalised disaster risk management guidelines for disaster risk planning at the local level. All guidelines aim to provide direction to government agencies, development partners and non-government organisations on how to formulate and implement disaster risk management plans and include:

Community Disaster Management Committee (CDMC)
The CDMC provide guidance on how to formally establish a DM committee at ward level in a municipality. This will be included as annex to the LDRMP. For more information please see the attached document.
Local Disaster Risk Management Planning guidelines (LDRMP)
The LDRMP provides guidance to develop a disaster risk management plan at the village development committee level.  The LDRMP aims to institutionalise disaster risk management work and mainstream it into annual programmes at the local level. For a copy of the plan see 
District Disaster Risk Management Plan (DDMP)
The DDRMP provides guidance on developing a disaster risk management plan at the district level.  A copy of the plan can be found here