Flagship 4’s target is to achieve CBDRR projects in 1,000 VDCs.  Flagship 4 does not select these 1,000 VDCs, but endorses the process outlined in the LDRMP guidelines, for implementing partners to help with district level engagement to identify vulnerable VDCs.

During 2010, Flagship 4 Consultation Meetings identified some of the most vulnerable districts in Nepal based on a number of key sources of secondary data. This data included the Nepal Multi-Hazard Scenario Assessment (Asian Disaster Pacific Centre, GeoHazards International, Centre for International Studies and Cooperation) and the Nepal Vulnerable Districts to Disasters, 1971-2007 (DesInventar: UNOCHA, GoN). 

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This information can be compared to the current location of known CBDRR projects at VDC level, to identify any gaps that exist. Potential implementing partners and donors may wish to use this information to determine the location of new projects.

Projects taking place outside of the focus districts will still be included as part of Flagship 4 and will not be negatively impacted in any way.

These 47 ‘focus districts’ are designed to act as a guide only and do not take into account very recent disasters, such as the 18 September 2011 earthquake.