Is your project registered with us?

 How to find if you are registered

1.   Click on project’s registered with flagship 4

 2.  Search by donor, implementing organisation or district

 3.  Can you see your project?


If your project is registered

1.    Have you received your project specific project ID?

2.    If no: send an email with project title and organisation to and the administrator will send you your project ID, in order to complete the survey & edit your project information

3.    If yes complete the survey

4.    Enter in your project id

5.    Take survey and edit your project information


New projects or unregistered projects

1.    Register your project here!

2.    You will be sent a project ID once you have registered, save this information in order to edit your project in the future and take the survey.


When will your project show in the website

Once you have submitted the project information, the website administrator will approve the project and it will then show in the website.


What information will be displayed online?

All project information registered eg. Name, donor, location will be displayed in the project mapping section and be able to be exported to a spreadsheet. Note all survey information will be analysed and aggregated before being displayed online.