Why should my organisation join the Flagship 4?

There are many benefits to joining Flagship 4.

For implementing partners this includes:

- being able to clearly demonstrate how their efforts are contributing to overall community resilience in Nepal.

- benefiting from the sharing of good practices, models, tools and guidelines to continue improving the quality of their activities.

- will be able to profile their work and benefit from the advocacy efforts of the Flagship as a whole to encourage further investment in CBDRR.

For donors this includes being able:

- to see the overall impact of their investments in CBDRR and more readily identify funding gaps and potential implementing partners.

- to play a key role in ensuring that CBDRR projects meet the minimum characteristics and standards agreed by the Flagship, by including these standards in their requirements for funding.


How can my organisation join Flagship 4?

If you would like to register to receive email updates and meeting invitation, please click on the ‘join the mailing list’ tab.

If you would like to register your project and take the Project Tracking Survey, please click on the “register your project” tab. The email you use in the project registration will also be added to our mailing list. 

If you would like to meet with the Flagship 4 coordinator or simply send an email please click on the ‘contact us’ tab. 


Why should our project fill Flagship 4 Project Tracking survey?

One of the objectives of Flagship 4 is to track how CBDRR projects being implemented in Nepal are contributing to the disaster resiliency of communities and more broadly, nationally. To track this progress and provide an overall picture of CBDRR in Nepal, including how projects are achieving Flagship 4’s 9 minimum characteristic of a disaster resilient community, the Flagship 4 project tracking system working group have devised a short survey.

An in depth analysis of the survey results will provide information like: which of the 9 minimum characteristics are most often being achieved; highlight districts in need of CBDRR projects; which communities / VDCs have completed disaster management plans, been trained in 1st aid, light search and rescue etc., and linked in to an early warning system.

 Any implementing partner of a CBDRR project or project with a component of CBDRR is encouraged to complete the online project survey.  Project officers may be best positioned to complete this information.