Ward level DRM Plans in KTM valley
NRCS is planning to carry out DRM planning process at 66 wards/VDCs in Kathmandu Valley where the Earthquake Preparedness and Safety programme is being implemented. 

NRCS take this opportunity to share the calendar of planning workshop to be held in wards/VDCs in Kathmandu Districts (click here for a detailed list of dates). The calendar for the planning workshop in Lalitpur and Bhaktapur is being finalized soon which will be shared with you later. The existing DDMP guideline and LDRMP guideline will be considered as main reference document for development of the ward/VDC level DRM plan. 

Coordination of activites
NRCS is happy to have more participation of representatives from any organizations (funding and implementing agencies) which are implementing CBDRR programme in the wards/VDCs listed in the attached file. NRCS would like to request you to facilitate to share the information to concerned organizations. In the same time we are also coordinating with ward/VDC level authorities for the same. 

Please contact with Mr. Shibaram Gautam (shibaram.gautam3@gmail.com) (9841541614; 9751051614) if you need any further information about the ward/VDC level preparatory works in this regard.

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