Three display boards have also been installed at DEOC with the financial, equipment and technical support from SAFER-Nepal Project a project of Mercy Corps Nepal. The boards show the water levels of Karnali at Chisapani, Mohana at Malakheti and rainfall level of Bhaktapur, Nigali.  The people of downstream communities of Phulbari, Pawera, Ratanpur, Lalbojhi, Dhansinghpur, Narayanpur, Tikapur, Durgauli, Sahajpur and Nigali will be benefited by the display boards. Siren used in the system will help alerting the DEOC staffs and nearby people as the water level reaches the warning or danger level. The river level at Chisapani and rainfall level at Bhaktapur, Nigali is displayed automatically since there are telemetric systems at Chisapani and Bhaktapur where as the river level of Mohana at Malakheti are displayed manually i.e; for Mohana, the board displays river level only after the gauge reader at Malakheti messages the river level to the sim cards used in the system. The automatic telemetric system (tipping bucket) was installed at Bhaktapur, Nigali VDC in 2012 with the support from Strengthening Capacity of communities for Disaster Risk Reduction through Early Warning in Nepal (SCORE-Nepal) project funded by DIPECHO VI and implemented by Mercy Corps Nepal and NRCS Kailali.

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