Draft-Initial analysis on local level DRR mainstreaming in Nepal

With an effort to proceed in a coherent and effective manner, Flagship  4,  Flagship 5 and some key organizations engaged in local level DRM mainstreaming support came together in May 2014 to discuss how to record and analyse the work that has been conducted to date on mainstreaming DRR into district and sub district level planning. The initial analysis from this exercise fed into the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference for DRR (AMCDRR). 

Draft DRM harmonization guidelines

This is a draft document on DRM harmonization guideline submitted by the Technical working group to Government Policy task force. 

The document is divided in five chapters covering the following aspects:

  1. Chapter 1 – Introduction: This chapter covers the harmonized planning process. It explains the stakeholders responsible for each component of the process, the information to be collected and analysed and the structure of the plans to be derived.

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