In May 2013, the Government commissioned this review to take stock of the NRRC’s progress and achievements, as well as assess whether its strategies, architecture and investments were appropriately aligned with Government priorities and the planned new DRM structures. The Review will also inform current and future DRM work plans and advance planning for the post-2015 context, when the current phase of the NRRC is due to end. 

In regard to Flagship 4, the review states "Flagship 4 is seen as on track and well led from both the Government and its international actors. The Flagship 4 should continue its senior-level engagement in the NRRC beyond the specific coordinator position". While   recommendation that the current thoughtful debate regarding geographical reach versus depth of impact is continued, particularly in light of the recommendation about the timeline and extension of the overall NRRC has been made. 

Follow the link to see the detail review report.